Pinto Bean Tostadas

It is time for Taco Tuesday in my family where I get to make something from the Mexican and Latin American kitchens. This time I wanted to adventure into Tostadas. The Mexican pallet is so close to the Indian pallet with the ingredients and spices. I am no expert in Mexican cooking but I manage my way through with the help of my peers on online. My family likes it.

– 1 Cup Pinto Beans; Soaked 7-8 hours or 1 can Pinto Beans
– 1/3 Cup Green Bell Pepper; Chopped
– 1 tbsp garlic; finely chopped
– 1 tbsp jalapeno; finely chopped
– 1 small white onion; finely chopped
– 1 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar
– 2 tbsp Cholula Hot Sauce or Any preferred Mexican Hot Sauce
– Sea Salt (to taste)
Yellow Corn Tortilla (Any number of pieces you prefer)

– Finely Chopped (Raddish, Jalapeño, Red Cabbage, Cilantro, Red or White Onion)

– Boil the soaked beans with 2 cups of water or if you using pre-prepared beans, drain the water from the beans.
– Heat the small size saucepan on medium heat.
– Add onions and garlic together. Cook for 5-7 mins. Notice onions turning light brown in color. Add a few spoons of water if sticking to the saucepan.
– Add chopped green bell pepper to the saucepan and cook with onions.
– Add and mash the pinto beans with chopped jalapeño in the saucepan
– Add sea salt, apple cider vinegar, and Cholula sauce to the vegetables and beans. Mix all the ingredients.
– Cover the lid and cook for 3-4mins.
– (In the meanwhile) preheat oven to 350 F degrees and toast the yellow corn tortilla. Time may depend on brand and type of Tortilla. Please monitor to make sure it’s crisp.
– On the crisp tortilla, spread few spoons of retried beans and garnish with your choice of toppings.

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